Project M003 - DRON 8/10
Project code: M003
Budgeт: 52,200 USD
Status: crowdfunding
Minimum amount request: 13,050 USD

A few days ago, we received an urgent order from a division whose name, even if we knew it, we would not tell you. The order was for a very special drone.

The guys from this unit are fighting in the hottest areas: the defense of Kyiv and the southern direction. The requested characteristics of the devices are not found in serial models, and on our order, the leading specialists in quadcopters in Ukraine have begun "tuning works".

We are not allowed to disclose the details of the order, the only thing we can say - that such a copter will allow not only to observe the enemy, but also regularly “deliver” and “please” him with surprises.
Estimated production date - March 25, 2022.
The estimated cost of one device is 13,050 USD (we get it at cost price).

We need at least two or better four of such devices.
Total budget of the project:
Stage I 26,100 USD - 2 (two) copters for the defense of Kyiv.
Stage II 26,100 USD - 2 (two) copters for southbound operations.