Project M018 - Ghillie Suit
Project name: Ghillie Suit
Code: M018
Budget: 1.000 USD
Customer: National Guard of Ukraine

Our special and very competent friend will celebrate his birthday soon! We are going to present him a special gift - Ghillie Suit.
The future birthday boy was ashamed of the prices, but finally formulated his wishes and we are announcing a fundraiser for this gift! Without going into the details of this very complex functional suit, rejecting budget options (our birthday boy deserves only the best!), we want to invest $ 1,000 (if we get a discount and will be able to save - we will spend it on shoes).
I will not explain the significance of such a gift for a boy of almost two meters tall and how much the acquired invisibility will increase the efficiency of his work and, more importantly, his own safety. Let us congratulate our Warrior with dignity!