DONATE2UKRAINE public initiative
Already since the first days of Russia's military aggression, it became obvious that this is not about a conflict between the two countries and Putin challenging all the humanity. These days was very aptly said: "Russia, in the war against Ukraine, is fighting against the entire civilized world, and Ukraine is fighting for the entire civilized world".
History which, as you know, develops in a spiral, gives us every reason to assume that Putin will not stop here and in case of success will develop it further. Now it seems unrealistic. Actually, like the bombing of Kyiv seemed a month ago.
That is why support of Ukrainian Army is not a charity, gentlemen, but it is an investment into your own safety.
Now Ukraine, its army, has a chance to defeat a huge clumsy aggressor: on its territory, by the cost of numerous victims and suffering, shielding Europe with itself, stop the crazy tyrant and we are absolutely confident in our Victory.

Your contribution will certainly reduce the price of this Victory for us. After all, a bulletproof vest bought for your money can save someone's young heart, and binoculars will help to see the lurking enemy on time.


Before February 24, 2022 each of us was managing his own interests: Ihor wrote books, Dmytro supplied the best farm products in Ukraine, and Viktor was the owner of a company selling children's toys. We led a quiet family lifestyle, traveled a lot and raised kids.

These 10 days changed everything: we parted ways with our families, we put our businesses on pause and closed our homes and put all our efforts, business connections and experience to support our friends who are now fighting the enemy.

There are organizations in Ukraine and Europe that are already supplying everything necessary for the Ukrainian army - from bulletproof vests to medicines. Many of them have been working since the beginning of the actual war - since 2014 and are highly qualified in this matter. For our part, we decided to focus on fund raising. We strongly believe that in this particular matter we can achieve the greatest result. We will be even more careful in controlling the use of funds that we have managed to raise.

Ihor Zavilinsky
Ukrainian writer, author of the books "Don't you dare die until you have fulfilled your dream", "Five days with Lauren" and others. Published in Germany and China. The first translation of the book in the UK is being prepared for publication. Has been doing business in Ukraine for 30 years. For 15 years Ihor was the founder and head of one of the largest event companies “Conference House” which conducted more than 100 international evets.
Dmytro Afanasiev

(ukrainian, english language)

Owner and managing partner of : online market of products directly by farmers with delivery. He has extensive experience in organizing private businesses: (online wien shop), (online seeds market), FermerGreen (farmer products onlinе), Gо2 Sàrl (onlinе travel), A.R.M.S. Training House, “Ukrenergo” (production of wood pellets), and managing the corporative business: SC Johnson, Ferrero, Wrigley, PepsiCo, Tambrands.
Viktor Scherbyak
AFK-DISTRIBUTION, Co-owner and Head Of Educational department, 2001 – 2016 Commercial Director ASBIS Ukraine, 1997-2001 Ukrainian Computer Limited (UCL)
Head of Purchasing and Sales Department, 1994 – 1997 Ukrainian Management Consulting Head of Sales Department.


Yulia Honcharova – one of the most active Ukrainian volunteers since 2014. No one doubts her authority and competence in the matter of supplying goods to the army, her hatred for the enemy has no boundaries, her love for our soldiers is Mother's love.

The 80th Assault Airborne Brigade of the Airborne Forces – our friends serve there and helping them is a very personal matter for us!

We cooperate with the Public Initiative "SOS ARMY" in financing supplies for the needs of the Armed Forces in the areas of tactical medicine, special equipment and ammunition.

Charitable Foundation “Territory of life” – Air Defense and Artillery Support Project.

Charitable Foundation “Kolo” – procurement project for the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.


We do not waste time on bureaucracy and all our activities are in the form of a public initiative.

We are responsible for every cent by our authority and name. 100% of collecting funds will be used for the intended purpose. We cover all administrative expenses from personal finances. We know all the recipients of the collected funds personally and carry full responsibility for their work. Our activities will be absolutely transparent.



Irina Zavilinska (ukr/eng)

+33 6 05 64 84 27

[email protected]

New Zealand/Australia

Edward Patkevych (ukr/eng)

+64 2 12 03 73 72

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Dana Wiliams (ukr/ger/eng)

+49 162 7002832

[email protected]


Diana Dobriy (ukr/ger/eng)


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United Arab Emirates

Viktor Nesterenko (ukr/eng)


[email protected]

We are grateful for your dollars, euros and hryvnias, which will make our soldiers even sharper, more secure and more dangerous. These boys support the life of not only Ukraine but without exaggeration Europe and the World. We are confident in our Victory, but we must do everything in our power to make our warriors invulnerable.