Project M016 - Wireless Color
Ultrasound Scanner
In progress
Project name: Wireless Color
Ultrasound Scanner
Code: M016
Budget: 2,219 USD
Beneficiary: Vinnytsia Regional Hospital named after N.I. Pirogov

The army of the Russian Federation is destroying everything in its path: military, civilians, even children these days are suffering from numerous gunshot and mine wounds of various kinds. “Clinical Highly Specialized Surgical Center with Minimally Invasive Technologies of Vinnytsia Regional Hospital named after M.I. Pirogov” asked us to provide a humanitarian aid: Wireless Color Doppler Convex Ultrasound Scanner model: SONOSIF CC-3.1
The main application of this device is the rapid diagnosis of injured patients at the earliest stages without the need for forced surgery:

  • search and removal of fragments of mines
and shells,
  • search for hematomas and abscesses
  • examination of the vessels of the extremities for damage,
  • examination of the abdominal cavity for the presence of blood and fluid
Budget includs delivery from California, US.