Project M011 - Tourniquet
Project name: Tourniquet
code: M011
Budget: € 4.000

There are things that can not be too much. You can order and bye as much as you can and someone will still need them. Unfortunately, turnstiles fall into this category.

The tourniquet is a modern, compact and highly effective means of stopping bleeding of any type and intensity. It is suitable for outpatient and military field use. The harness has the form of a belt with a special carabiner adjusting the tightening density. Velcro fixation allows you to use turnstile harnesses in the most extreme conditions, even with one hand.

Definitely one of the best examples of turnstiles is the American CAT Combat Application Tourniquet Tactical. We were very lucky: we were offered 200 turnstiles of this company for 20 € each. The price in Ukraine now is 30-35 €. So, we took it all and will distribute between different departments and medical institutions.