Project M007-1 - VAC-therapy dressing materials
Project name: VAC-therapy dressing materials
code: M007-1
Budget: 70000 uah (2,414 USD)
Beneficiary: Central Military Hospital (Kyiv)

Usually, 3-4 sets of materials are used for the course of treatment of a serious injury. The VAC therapy allows to heal a serious injury in two weeks period. For comparison, the usual, traditional course of treatment takes about two months to achieve the same results.

Your donations would allow us to provide such
materials, and specifically:

USD 197 gets a one set of size “S” dressing materials
USD 212 gets a set of size “M” dressing materials
USD 224 gets a set of size “L” dressing materials
USD 633 gets a full set for a 10-day healing course
USD 843 gets a full set for a 14-day healing course

What has been done:
Collected donations gave us the possibility in cooperation with KOLO Charitable Foundation to purchase 10 sets of dressing materials for the
VAC-therapy device and deliver to Central Military Hospital (Kyiv)
2. V.A.C. WhiteFoamTM Dressing L
3. V.A.C. Folie
4. V.A.C. Gaze
5. V.A.C. Y-Konnektor
6. V.A.C. Tubing Cap
7. ACTIV.A.C.TM Canister 300ml