Project M007-2 - Supply of devices, dressing materials and accessories for VAC therapy
Project name: Supply of devices, dressing materials and accessories for VAC therapy
Сode: M007-2
Budget: 14,650 USD
Central Military Hospital (Kyiv)

VAC therapy is the optimum solution to heal wounds
four (4!) times faster, but there is a dramatic shortage
of VAC devices and dressing kits in the hospitals of

Russia’s invasion on the Ukraine has been the largest and most severe aggression of that scale since WWII. Millions of peaceful Ukrainians have found themselves in the middle of a military escalation and humanitarian crisis, and the numbers of wounded and killed increase daily.
While the atrocities committed by Russians in Ukraine have shaken and shocked the whole world, the bravery of Ukrainians fighting for their freedom, democracy, and fundamental values and principles of a sovereign country, have won them admiration and support of millions around the world.
We desperately need that support as we experience the increased numbers of wounded soldiers, civilians and even children, suffering from gunshot wounds or mine injuries.
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) also called vacuum-assisted wound closure is a new method promoting faster wound healing. It reduces edema, increases blood flow, lowers microbial contamination, and leads to a significantly faster reduction of a wound’s cavity. While it traditionally takes around 2 months to heal a serious wound, the NPWT method reduces this process to 2 weeks! It is essential for our Ukrainian heroes to have access to this faster healing therapy.
Our friends from charitable foundation KOLO, have found and purchased 9 NPWT devices from a 3M manufacturer, and delivered them to the Central Military Hospital in Kyiv. This was achieved thanks to the coordinated global efforts of an anti-putin coalition of helpers from Great Britain, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, USA, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and New Zealand.
Currently, public initiative Donate2Ukraine together with charitable fundation “KOLO” is working on the second stage of this project: supplying NPWT devices and dressings required for each treated victim.

Our goal is to provide a regular supply of NPWT dressings to avoid material shortages in the hospital.

The first priority of the Surgical Center of Vinnytsia Regional Hospital. N.I. Pirogov:
  • 3 VAC devices NPWT (VAC therapy);
  • 20 dressings kit size “M”;
  • 30 dressings kit size "L";
  • 10 "Y" connectors;
  • 20 disposable canisters of 1100 cc
... total amount: 14 650. US dollars.

USD 633 gets a full set for a 10-day healing course
USD 843 gets a full set for a 14-day healing course

USD 843 may be a lot but saving the life of a hero protecting the world from evil is priceless!

All donations collected are credited to a non-profit charity, which in turn purchases directly from the official distributors of the brands: 3M™ KCI V.A.C. Therapy™ and Genadyne™

After the military crisis is over, all VAC devices will continue to help people in peacetime.

This campaign has been organized by a public partnership of:

  • Charitable foundation Way Home , Ukraine
  • Charitable foundation KOLO , Ukraine
  • Public Initiative Donate2Ukraine , Ukraine
  • Gesellschaft Ukrainischer Jugend in Osterreich
  • Dr. Tetiana Khomenko, Wien, Osterreich
  • - KCI Austria GmbH, Vienna, Austria
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